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Why PkLab

Quality and Reliability are our values.
Ideas, experience, research and collaboration are our resources to create solutions and innovations.

What we do

Consulting for systems integration, product and process innovation. Custom Software for machine vision, systems control, field data and ERP integration

Who we help

PkLab is B2B consulting firm. Our customer are those companies that want to improve digital strategy or that are looking for a solutions to hight-tech needs of their business.

We can see big-picture of your business

technologies with broad vision and business perspective to scale the market effectively

In Evidence

High accuracy, wide range imaging measurement system also for soft material

Imaging system for dimension measurement with precision up to 0.01mm over 300mm width, operator independent, also for soft materials.

Sphere CMMS - Software for Asset Maintenance Management

Easy, Valuable, Optimized Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) Software. Asset management, process stop scheduling and maintenance, preventive and corrective maintenance, updates and upgrading, and much more...

Patent: A device for effective laparoscopic dilation

Brevetto per un dispositivo che permette una esposizione ottimale di spazi anatomo-chirurgici interessati da procedure di chirurgia laparascopica, ad esempio in chirurgia ginecologica oncologica.

Patent for a new device for PEG

Patent for a new device and methods to safe, fast and early introduction of cannula for PEG guide.

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Latest Articles

False memory leaks with OpenCV e MFC on Visual Studio

08-05-2017 4806

False memory leaks on Visual Studio with OpenCV and MFC is a known "false" problem. Even if the solution is easy a lot of people is looking for. This article shows the solution step by step.

Memory analysis on pkQueueTS as buffer of cv::Mat. Part 2, a real test.

10-12-2016 5293 5

In Memory Analysis-Part 1 we conclude that a std::queue of OpenCV Mats is memory effective. Here is a real test case of our pkQueueTS with one grabber and one processor threads. We will perform memory analysis to validate our preliminary conclusion about memory effectiveness and recycling.

pkQueueTS - Treadsafe queue for OpenCV Mats

10-12-2016 5955 5

A single lock, multiple producer/consumer (MPMC) thread safe queue with wait/timeout Pop. It also provides tools to manage elements like cv::Mat and an interface for custom OnPush event handler.

Memory analysis on std::queue as buffer of cv::Mat. Part 1, basic tests.

10-12-2016 8511 4.8

Here is shown that both cv::Mat and Standard Library Containers work under memory recycling. We found that using std:queue as buffer for OpenCV Mat, memory requirements depends on size of the queue. We conclude that containers like std::queue can be used effectively as buffer for OpenCV Mats.

Build and Install OpenCV 3.1 with Code::Blocks 16.x

25-05-2016 8054 5

How to build and Install OpenCV 3.1 x64bit with Code::Blocks 16.10 on Windows.

Install OpenCV 3.2 Python/C++ on Raspberry PI

05-04-2017 86503 4.9

Raspberry PI is a wonderful system and OpenCV is an outstanding library for computer vision. Here is our how to install and configure OpenCV 3.2.0 for Python/C++ on a Raspberry PI 2 with Raspbian Jessie. On the Net there are many references on this subject, most of them have some missed point or reference to old versions.

Summary of information regarding use of Cookie by PkLab Sites

01-06-2015 16134

Summary of Information regarding use of Cookie by PkLab webites. Please goto the Italian Version for the official agreement, continue on this page for main principles in English.

How to display an OpenCV image or video in your own MFC interface

02-05-2015 40381 3.8

To display an OpenCV image or video into your own MFC interface in Visual C++ you can use GDI's function but keep care of details.

System for automatic disease localization and scoring in videocapsule

12-03-2010 6258

Clinical study for a software to be used as support to diagnoses of celiac disease with capsule endoscopy. The software, in prototype state, analyses the video from videocapsule and returns locations and score of relevant signs of disease.

Patent for a new device for PEG

03-05-2010 6912

Patent for a new device and methods to safe, fast and early introduction of cannula for PEG guide.

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