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Sphere CMMS - Software for Asset Maintenance Management

Easy, Valuable, Optimized Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) Software. Asset management, process stop scheduling and maintenance, preventive and corrective maintenance, updates and upgrading, and much more...

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pkQueueTS - Treadsafe queue for OpenCV Mats

10-12-2016 936

A single lock, multiple producer/consumer (MPMC) thread safe queue with wait/timeout Pop. It also provides tools to manage elements like cv::Mat and an interface for custom OnPush event handler.

Solve system of linear equations with OpenCV: the 3 point parabola

13-03-2014 49982 4.7

The OpenCV library is one of the most relevant open source library for Computer Vision but it contains some very useful function for linear algebra and matrix manipulation. Here is shown how to use cv::solve function to solve system of linear equation. As real example here is considered the case of parabola passes through 3 points.

A Geshi plugin for CKEditor (4.x)

18-09-2013 132633 1.7

Here is presented a CKEditor plugin for GeSHi. In addiction, It's shown how to extract codeblock from document and manage it with GeSHi.

PKM: The Fuel Map Calibration Manager

21-05-2011 18827 5

PKM is the unique software to design engine fuel injection calibration maps.


07-02-2011 24040

On this site you can find the Unofficial Italian Translation for WxWindowsQuickRef: A beginner's quick reference for setting up wxWidgets with Code::Blocks in Windows

Build TBB under Gcc / MinGW on Windows

19-01-2011 17252 4.5

Intel® Threading Building Blocks Library (Intel TBB) is a set of function for parallelism in C++. The library is Open Source. There are compiled package for some platform. Windows package  includes support for Visual Studio. In this page is shown how to build TBB sources on Windows under Code::Blocks/MinGW

Recursive gaussian filter implementation

07-01-2010 31760 5

Gaussian filter is used for signal processing. It Is a low band pass filter usefull to remove high fequency noise (Smoothing). This page shows a 2D recursive implementation as explained by T.Youg, Lucas J, van Vliet

Visual Studio

20-11-2009 15223

Pagine e informazioni su Microsoft Visual Studio


26-09-2009 49052

Free Graphical User Interface for XPdf an PdfToHtml

How to convert from .M to .MDL symulink model

21-07-2009 9276

Conversion of Simulink model files for compatibility with older versions. How to convert from .M to .MDL symulink model

Howto upgrade gettext translation repositories

12-06-2009 8762

Here is a procedure to upgrading automatically gettext translation repositories (.PO files) when you modify your source code.

Appunti SVN (subversion)

19-03-2009 10585 3

In queste pagine vengono raccolte i miei appunti sul contollo delle versioni del software utilizzando subversion

PkNews: NewsLetters System

11-03-2006 30992

Sistema Software Free per Gestione Newsletters Web Based in Php+MySql

Esercitazioni di Informatica Industriale

05-03-1998 18286

Esercitazioni di laboratorio del corso di Informatica Industriale per gli studenti del 3^ anno del Diploma di Laurea in Ingegneria Informatica ed Automatica Politecnico di Milano - Sede Cremona docente titolare del corso prof.L.Mezzalira - A.A. 1996/97/98

Sistemi Esperti - CLIPS

18-04-1997 14152

Breve ma completa introduzione al CLIPS:un tool di sviluppo per sistemi esperti sviluppato da Software Tecnology Branch (STB) NASA/Lyndon Space Center

Introduzione alla neurocomputazione

16-04-1995 9490

Viene presentato un documento di sintesi analitica sulle reti neurali artificiali, con particolare riguardo al BackPropagation