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Preventive maintenance with thermal imaging

20-06-2014 8529 5

Avoid fails it's most important aim of maintenance department. Availability of inspection tools gives detailed information about health of devices and permits preventive interventions with high ROI. Thermography is for sure one of this tools and considering handiness it's a must for each maintenance department.

Standard deviation numerically stable calculation for SQL

17-06-2014 33004 5

Despite of Standard Deviation is one of most relevant parameter of descriptive statistics, it isn't available as common aggregation function for some SQL server. Here is described how to calculate and use standard deviation in a single select query. Finally a better and numerically stable sql procedure is shown.

Solve system of linear equations with OpenCV: the 3 point parabola

13-03-2014 49970 4.7

The OpenCV library is one of the most relevant open source library for Computer Vision but it contains some very useful function for linear algebra and matrix manipulation. Here is shown how to use cv::solve function to solve system of linear equation. As real example here is considered the case of parabola passes through 3 points.

DefectFinder. Video System for web inspection

28-02-2014 12807

Linescan Vision System for automatic detection and classification of defects and foreign objects over continuous production line.

High accuracy, wide range imaging measurement system also for soft material

17-02-2014 11898

Imaging system for dimension measurement with precision up to 0.01mm over 300mm width, operator independent, also for soft materials.

Evaluate geometric accuracy, repeatability and drift of a flatbed scanner

02-02-2014 16463

Quanto è preciso uno scanner? Se scansiono più volte una stessa immagine, quanto sono differenti le relative scansioni ? Quanto è reale il valore DPI fornito dal costruttore è reale ?. In qui viene illustrato un metodo per dare una risposta a queste domante.

A Geshi plugin for CKEditor (4.x)

18-09-2013 132626 1.7

Here is presented a CKEditor plugin for GeSHi. In addiction, It's shown how to extract codeblock from document and manage it with GeSHi.

Resources, Expenses and TimeSheet in OpenERP 7.0

31-08-2013 25638 2.5

Short guide to human resource management, expense and timesheet of projects with OpenERP 7.0

Gestione dei permessi in OpenERP 7.0

25-07-2013 12263

Short guide on OpenERP 7.0 permission (Record Rules e Access Control List)

Windows with WebDAV from OpenERP 7.0 over HTTPS/SSL

15-07-2013 26935

This article explains how to access to WebDav of OpenERP 7.0 from Windows, using map network drive. Only OpenERP over HTTPS/SSL is considered here. Using OpenERP over HTTP/8069 it's really discouraged.