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Windows with WebDAV from OpenERP 7.0 over HTTPS/SSL

15-07-2013 30868

This article explains how to access to WebDav of OpenERP 7.0 from Windows, using map network drive. Only OpenERP over HTTPS/SSL is considered here. Using OpenERP over HTTP/8069 it's really discouraged.

Configure WebDAV with OpenERP 7.0

13-07-2013 28495 5

  This article explains how to configure Document Management and WebDav with OpenERP 7.0

OpenERP 7.0

17-05-2013 17716

General Notes on OpenERP 7.0

How to recover disappeared email from Inbox in Thunderbird

16-04-2013 37099 3.4

This article describes what to do if some or all of your messages disappear when none of solutions form MozillaZine is working. Sometimes, wrong code in "X-Mozilla-Status"  issued by Thunderbird hides all email in a mailbox. This might happens also with recent version of Thunderbird, anyway this article should be applicable to all version of the program because of simple text format of its mailboxes.


28-06-2012 7608

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Incentivi per la registrazione di brevetti, disegni e modelli industriali

01-10-2011 4403

Il Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico, nell’ambito del Pacchetto Innovazione, ha promosso due bandi di finanziamento a favore di micro, piccole e medie imprese al fine di incentivare il ricorso alla registrazione di nuovi brevetti, disegni e modelli industriali e favorirne la loro valorizzazione economica

Why you should use a CMMS software for maintenance management ?

03-09-2011 25237 5

Each company has its own opinion and organization about asset maintenance management. But over each specificity , maintenance of large industrial assets (but also hotel, building, etc..) is two side medal: on one side, maintenance is a cost than it should be managed, on other side it is fundamental for good health for you company.

Sphere CMMS - Software for Asset Maintenance Management

03-08-2011 29511 5

Easy, Valuable, Optimized Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) Software. Asset management, process stop scheduling and maintenance, preventive and corrective maintenance, updates and upgrading, and much more...

Lossless video codec per image processing

28-04-2011 15564 5

Working as vision systems integrator usually you will have need to acquire and save great numbers of fames or video sequence on field, in order to perform a later processing or studies. In this cases it’s vital to store the image “as is” without alteration. This may be is not a problem if you use raw image format like bmp or xpm but you can’t use JPG/PNG or DiVx/MPEGn because image/video compression forma are quality lossy. A good solution is to use Lossless image format like JPG2000 or Lagarith lossless codec to have a good compression without loosing information.

This page shows some lossless codec, how to install and use it with OpenCV image library


07-02-2011 27372

On this site you can find the Unofficial Italian Translation for WxWindowsQuickRef: A beginner's quick reference for setting up wxWidgets with Code::Blocks in Windows