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Compile OpenCV 2.2 under CodeBlocks 10.5 / MinGW on Windows XP

19-01-2011 69735

Howto build and use OpenCV 2.2 + Lib TBB + Lib Eigen with Code::Blocks / MinGW for Windows.

Build TBB under Gcc / MinGW on Windows

19-01-2011 21479 4.5

Intel® Threading Building Blocks Library (Intel TBB) is a set of function for parallelism in C++. The library is Open Source. There are compiled package for some platform. Windows package  includes support for Visual Studio. In this page is shown how to build TBB sources on Windows under Code::Blocks/MinGW

Firebird: Tree data mangement with recursive Stored Procedure

05-01-2011 19405

This document shown how to use Firebird Recursive Stored Procedure to walking trees

Firebird: Tree data mangement with recursive CTE

05-01-2011 20153 5

This document shown how to use Firebird Recursive Common Table Expression to managing trees

Firebird: Tree data mangement

05-01-2011 18235

This document shown two different way for server side managment of Data Tree with Firebird. First method uses Recursive Common Table Expression. Second method uses Recursive Stored Procedure

PkLab Website Terms and Conditions

01-01-2011 17778

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Firebird: A safe trigger for autoinc fields

17-12-2010 12298 2

As you know, Firebird doesn’t have Autoinc fields but you can use triggers and sequences (generators) in order to obtain Autoinc features. On the web you can find many example about this.

Unfortunately I can’t find examples where triggered field (autoinc field) could receive a NOT NULL value, as is in data import from script. Following common examples,  when the triggered field receives a value, the generator isn’t incremented so you may have “key violation” on future inserts.

In this document is shown a safe trigger example that can be used also when the triggered filed could receive a value.

Patent: A device for effective laparoscopic dilation

30-07-2010 7032

Brevetto per un dispositivo che permette una esposizione ottimale di spazi anatomo-chirurgici interessati da procedure di chirurgia laparascopica, ad esempio in chirurgia ginecologica oncologica.

Patent for a new device for PEG

03-05-2010 7177

Patent for a new device and methods to safe, fast and early introduction of cannula for PEG guide.

System for automatic disease localization and scoring in videocapsule

12-03-2010 6521

Clinical study for a software to be used as support to diagnoses of celiac disease with capsule endoscopy. The software, in prototype state, analyses the video from videocapsule and returns locations and score of relevant signs of disease.