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Modello di un miscelatore a convezione

20-04-1997 24017 5

Modello di un miscelatore a convezione con,Fluido entrante ad entalpia costante e Contenitore metallico isolato termicamemte. Viene clacolata la dinamica tra le portate entrate ed uscente e il livello e temperatura del liquido.

Scheda MuIn

06-04-2009 13694 5

A short description of general purpouse board with PIC 18F2520 microcontroller, rs323 and USB Xbee.

The Parallel Port

20-05-1997 30329 5

Viene descritta la porta parallela (centronics), la sua gestione e programmazione anche come porta di I/O. Viene presentato un semplice software di comunicazione tramite porta parallela

PKM: The Fuel Map Calibration Manager

21-01-2016 34184 5

PKM is the unique software to design engine fuel injection calibration maps.

Recursive gaussian filter implementation

07-01-2010 36322 5

Gaussian filter is used for signal processing. It Is a low band pass filter usefull to remove high fequency noise (Smoothing). This page shows a 2D recursive implementation as explained by T.Youg, Lucas J, van Vliet

Reading from file and fast access to image pixels with C#

13-01-2010 28057 5

This page describes how to use Image::FromFile methods to read image form file and howto gain fast access to its pixel using Bitmap::LockBits in VisualStudio. Example code and performance test are shown. Finally, above performace are compared to C++ native CBitmap class.

PkBdeToSql: Paradox databases to SQL Converter

14-01-2010 21477 5

Free Portable convertor from BDE / Paradox database to sql text file.

It dumps BDE full database or selected tables to sql file using LocalSQL dialects. Is very usefull to put paradox tables under version control but it cab be used with to migrate BDE database to new sql DB also

Firebird: Tree data mangement with recursive CTE

05-01-2011 19699 5

This document shown how to use Firebird Recursive Common Table Expression to managing trees

Sphere CMMS - Software for Asset Maintenance Management

03-08-2011 28777 5

Easy, Valuable, Optimized Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) Software. Asset management, process stop scheduling and maintenance, preventive and corrective maintenance, updates and upgrading, and much more...

Build and Install OpenCV 3.1 with Code::Blocks 16.x

25-05-2016 7551 5

How to build and Install OpenCV 3.1 x64bit with Code::Blocks 16.10 on Windows.