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Recursive gaussian filter implementation

07-01-2010 35163 5

Gaussian filter is used for signal processing. It Is a low band pass filter usefull to remove high fequency noise (Smoothing). This page shows a 2D recursive implementation as explained by T.Youg, Lucas J, van Vliet

Reading from file and fast access to image pixels with C#

13-01-2010 27498 5

This page describes how to use Image::FromFile methods to read image form file and howto gain fast access to its pixel using Bitmap::LockBits in VisualStudio. Example code and performance test are shown. Finally, above performace are compared to C++ native CBitmap class.

Project Open

08-05-2009 22521

Breve descrizione dell'omonima applicazione di Project Managment Open Source

Programmable Interrupt Controller (PIC Intel 8259a)

20-03-1997 23958

Viene descritta la gestione e la riprogrammazione degli interrupt per un processore Intel 8086. Viene presentato anche il timer di sistema e il suo controllo per generare interrupt  temporizzati


17-04-2009 10796

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Preventive maintenance with thermal imaging

20-06-2014 10146 5

Avoid fails it's most important aim of maintenance department. Availability of inspection tools gives detailed information about health of devices and permits preventive interventions with high ROI. Thermography is for sure one of this tools and considering handiness it's a must for each maintenance department.

pkQueueTS - Treadsafe queue for OpenCV Mats

10-12-2016 4809

A single lock, multiple producer/consumer (MPMC) thread safe queue with wait/timeout Pop. It also provides tools to manage elements like cv::Mat and an interface for custom OnPush event handler.


26-09-2009 53092

Free Graphical User Interface for XPdf an PdfToHtml

PkNews: NewsLetters System

11-03-2006 33272

Sistema Software Free per Gestione Newsletters Web Based in Php+MySql

PKM: The Fuel Map Calibration Manager

21-01-2016 30415 5

PKM is the unique software to design engine fuel injection calibration maps.