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How to recover disappeared email from Inbox in Thunderbird

16-04-2013 34041 4.1

This article describes what to do if some or all of your messages disappear when none of solutions form MozillaZine is working. Sometimes, wrong code in "X-Mozilla-Status"  issued by Thunderbird hides all email in a mailbox. This might happens also with recent version of Thunderbird, anyway this article should be applicable to all version of the program because of simple text format of its mailboxes.

How to display an OpenCV image or video in your own MFC interface

02-05-2015 39036 3.7

To display an OpenCV image or video into your own MFC interface in Visual C++ you can use GDI's function but keep care of details.

How to convert from .M to .MDL symulink model

21-07-2009 10865

Conversion of Simulink model files for compatibility with older versions. How to convert from .M to .MDL symulink model

High accuracy, wide range imaging measurement system also for soft material

17-02-2014 15297

Imaging system for dimension measurement with precision up to 0.01mm over 300mm width, operator independent, also for soft materials.

Guida alle impostazioni della sicurezza su un sistema Win98

10-07-2001 10176

Breve guida operativa sull'impostazione delle policy per utilizzo da parte di piu' utenti di un sistema windows98.

Gestione dei permessi in OpenERP 7.0

25-07-2013 13910

Short guide on OpenERP 7.0 permission (Record Rules e Access Control List)

Firebird: Tree data mangement with recursive Stored Procedure

05-01-2011 19016

This document shown how to use Firebird Recursive Stored Procedure to walking trees

Firebird: Tree data mangement with recursive CTE

05-01-2011 19699 5

This document shown how to use Firebird Recursive Common Table Expression to managing trees

Firebird: Tree data mangement

05-01-2011 17908

This document shown two different way for server side managment of Data Tree with Firebird. First method uses Recursive Common Table Expression. Second method uses Recursive Stored Procedure

Firebird: A safe trigger for autoinc fields

17-12-2010 11903 2

As you know, Firebird doesn’t have Autoinc fields but you can use triggers and sequences (generators) in order to obtain Autoinc features. On the web you can find many example about this.

Unfortunately I can’t find examples where triggered field (autoinc field) could receive a NOT NULL value, as is in data import from script. Following common examples,  when the triggered field receives a value, the generator isn’t incremented so you may have “key violation” on future inserts.

In this document is shown a safe trigger example that can be used also when the triggered filed could receive a value.