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A Geshi plugin for CKEditor (4.x)


Here is presented a CKEditor plugin for GeSHi. In addiction, It's shown how to extract codeblock from document and manage it with GeSHi.

How to recover disappeared email from Inbox in Thunderbird


This article describes what to do if some or all of your messages disappear when none of solutions form MozillaZine is working. Sometimes, wrong code in "X-Mozilla-Status"  issued by Thunderbird hides all email in a mailbox. This might happens also with recent version of Thunderbird, anyway this article should be applicable to all version of the program because of simple text format of its mailboxes.

PkBdeToSql: Paradox databases to SQL Converter


Free Portable convertor from BDE / Paradox database to sql text file.

It dumps BDE full database or selected tables to sql file using LocalSQL dialects. Is very usefull to put paradox tables under version control but it cab be used with to migrate BDE database to new sql DB also

Howto upgrade gettext translation repositories


Here is a procedure to upgrading automatically gettext translation repositories (.PO files) when you modify your source code.