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Memory analysis on std::queue as buffer of cv::Mat. Part 1, basic tests.

10-12-2016 9732 4.8

Here is shown that both cv::Mat and Standard Library Containers work under memory recycling. We found that using std:queue as buffer for OpenCV Mat, memory requirements depends on size of the queue. We conclude that containers like std::queue can be used effectively as buffer for OpenCV Mats.

Preventive maintenance with thermal imaging

20-06-2014 10794 5

Avoid fails it's most important aim of maintenance department. Availability of inspection tools gives detailed information about health of devices and permits preventive interventions with high ROI. Thermography is for sure one of this tools and considering handiness it's a must for each maintenance department.

Evaluate geometric accuracy, repeatability and drift of a flatbed scanner

02-02-2014 19549

Quanto è preciso uno scanner? Se scansiono più volte una stessa immagine, quanto sono differenti le relative scansioni ? Quanto è reale il valore DPI fornito dal costruttore è reale ?. In qui viene illustrato un metodo per dare una risposta a queste domante.

Lossless video codec per image processing

28-04-2011 15647 5

Working as vision systems integrator usually you will have need to acquire and save great numbers of fames or video sequence on field, in order to perform a later processing or studies. In this cases it’s vital to store the image “as is” without alteration. This may be is not a problem if you use raw image format like bmp or xpm but you can’t use JPG/PNG or DiVx/MPEGn because image/video compression forma are quality lossy. A good solution is to use Lossless image format like JPG2000 or Lagarith lossless codec to have a good compression without loosing information.

This page shows some lossless codec, how to install and use it with OpenCV image library

Recursive gaussian filter implementation

07-01-2010 37718 5

Gaussian filter is used for signal processing. It Is a low band pass filter usefull to remove high fequency noise (Smoothing). This page shows a 2D recursive implementation as explained by T.Youg, Lucas J, van Vliet

OpenCV: Open Source Computer Vision Library

25-09-2009 23912 4.5

OpenCV means Open Source Computer Vision Library. It is software library that implement many popular Image Processing, Computer Vision and machine learning algorithms.

Introduzione alla neurocomputazione

16-04-1995 11064

Viene presentato un documento di sintesi analitica sulle reti neurali artificiali, con particolare riguardo al BackPropagation

Visione Artificiale ?

01-12-1994 19291 0

Qualche considerazione sull'intelligenza artificiale