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False memory leaks with OpenCV e MFC on Visual Studio

08-05-2017 5839

False memory leaks on Visual Studio with OpenCV and MFC is a known "false" problem. Even if the solution is easy a lot of people is looking for. This article shows the solution step by step.

How to display an OpenCV image or video in your own MFC interface

02-05-2015 42748 3.8

To display an OpenCV image or video into your own MFC interface in Visual C++ you can use GDI's function but keep care of details.

Reading from file and fast access to image pixels with C#

13-01-2010 28841 5

This page describes how to use Image::FromFile methods to read image form file and howto gain fast access to its pixel using Bitmap::LockBits in VisualStudio. Example code and performance test are shown. Finally, above performace are compared to C++ native CBitmap class.

C++/CLI String^ to char* conversion

20-11-2009 18379 5

A tecnique to convert 'System::String' to 'char*' in C++/CLI.

Howto create a DLL without debug information in Visual Studio

18-11-2009 12368

If you create a DLL that using runtime library then DLL's client application must load required runtime library. If runtime libs loaded by client application aren't same than required by your DLL you will have "unable to run your application. MSVCR80 was not found...."

Eccezione non gestita di tipo 'System.Threading.ThreadStateException' in System.

21-09-2009 15772

Un workaround per utilizzare oggetti COM in esecuzione dal debug di Visual Studio 8 (2005). 

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