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Free Graphical User Interface for XPdf an PdfToHtml

ver 1.0.1alpha

Interfaccia grafica per XPdf e PdfToHtml
(C) Copyright 2009
email: pklab(at)

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About PkPdfConverter

pfPdfConverter is a software to convert PDF files into simple text or image files
It use XPdf tools in a user friendly graphical user interface.

Features available are:

  • PdfToTxt: extract text from pdf file saving it on plain text file. Text layout is maintained but. Text formatting (page width,  bolds,  italics, ecc..) will be loosed.
  • PdfToImage: convert pdf pages to image files, each page become an image file.
  • PdfImages: extract all image from pdf. Each image inside pdf document become an image file.
  • PdfToHtml:  As is for PdfToTxt but try to keep text formatting using html format as output

About xPdf ?

Xpdf is pdf viewer for XWindow compatible operating system, like Unix/Linux & Co. Xpdf has some tools, like text and/or image extraction which can be run on Windows. For more information about Xpdf see Author's home page:


Convert PDF to Text

Convert PDF to Image

Extract Image from PDF

Convert PDF to Html


PkPDFConverter is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3 as published by the Free Software Foundation.

PkPDFConverter is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with PxPDFConverter. If not, see


Avaliable translations

Embedded translations:

  • Italian
  • English
  • Brazilian Portuguese (tanks to Thyago Lopes)

Additional translations (will be embedded on future release):

  • Russian (thanks to Andrew Terentyev)
  • Romanian (thanks to Just4Tests)

download additional translation from sourceforge project download page 

How to install new translation

Just download translation file and unzip it in PkPdfConverter main folder

Create translation for your language

Create translation for your language, it easy and amusing

PkPdfConverter has multi language support via gettext library, so translation it easy and follow standard way.

If you want to translate pkPdfConverter user interface you are on right place!

If you are asking "...why do I have to spent my time without money..." the reply is... for the glory! I can give you just a citation in about box!  Everyone as you in the world can download and use pkPdfConverter free, but until now it speaks fews language, if you speak one of above and some other language, it's time to work free for the community :)

How to translate PkPdfConverter

Because primary language It's English, It's preferable to start the translation from english.

First of all, if you have a translation of PkPdfConverter, please send default.po file to me so I can include it in the next release. email: pklab(at)

If you are friendly with gettext utility and .po files you already know how to proceed , sorry if I'm boring you. You will find po files in ./locale folder of application dir.

First of all keep right tool. Even you can use a common text editor you will try great benefit in using specific tool, cross platform, like Po Editor. You can download it free at

  • duplicate the English folder /locale/en in the same dir. You will have ./locale/Copy of en folder now .
  • Rename the new folder with your codelang. You can find all langcode here: For exampe if you want to translate into French, rename the folder in ./locale/fr
  • open ./locale/fr/default.po with your preferred tool
  • If you use a text editor you will find many text, don't worry!
    • just find "msgstr" in the file and translate the follow text. IMPORTANT Dont touch anyting else
  • If you use Po Edit you will see text on two columns, left column is original text right column is text to translate.
    • Select a row. You cant type directly in the table
    • At the bottom of the main window you will prompted with original and translate text, edit here in your language
  • You can leave your translation uncompleted but users will be happy to have complete translation in next release

When you have completed your work please send me your default.po file, I will be happy to include it in next release and cite you in about box!

If you want to use your translation, better more if you want to test it, you need to compile it in .mo files. To do this you need gettext utilities or Po Editor. In both case you can refer to home site of application for instruction.

When you have the file in the same folder of the source default.po file, the application is ready to speak your language!


  • Ver 1.0.1a June 2009
    • Russian and Romanian translation as addon
    • Correct a language bug.
    • Added built-in Brazilian Portuguese translations (thanks to Thyago Lopes)
  • Ver Frebrary 2009
    • First version


This software is portable and does not requires installation, just extract all files into your preferred folder than excecute



 No updates are available. If you have some suggestions please send your question to the Feature Requests tracker



  • Is it possible PDF to Word conversion ?
    No directly. You can convert PDF to simple text than you need to open it with Word and make your editing . Anyway there's PDF to DOC converter also, but they are not open source
  • Is it source code available ?
    If you are intrested on source code of pkPdfConverter contact me by email. For xPdf sources please see:


  • Derek B. Noonburg for xPdf Tools (Copyright 1996-2007 Glyph & Cog, LLC.)
  • Gueorgui Ovtcharov & Rainer Dorschfor for PdfToHtml (Copyright 1999-2003 Gueorgui Ovtcharov and Rainer Dorsch)
  • Aladdin Enterprises For AFPL Ghostscript (Copyright (C) 1994, 1995, Aladdin Enterprises )

And Also

See also:

Howto upgrade gettext translation repositories

12-06-2009 11407

Here is a procedure to upgrading automatically gettext translation repositories (.PO files) when you modify your source code.

Vote this page:


#1 Sent by Ramella Sergio 05-09-2011

Sono uno studente, e se possibile desiderei avere i sorgenti del programma per capire l'interfaccia con la libreria XPDF.
Se possibile completi di makefile, e adatti a Compilatori Microsoft CPP (indifferentemente dal Vs 6 al 10 (2010)).
Anche la libreria XPDF non ha makefile per Microsoft.

Nel ringraziarla anticipatamente porgo i più distinti saluti.

Sergio Ramella

#2 Sent by PkLab 06-09-2011

Caro Sergio,
PkPDFConverter utilizza la versione binaria di Xpdf, inoltre l'applicazione è scritta in Delphi 7.0

Sul sito dell'autore di xPdf si legge "...also run on Win32 systems and should run on pretty much any system with a decent C++ compiler."

Qui l'autore vuole suggerire di utilizzare un compilatore decente e VS non è sempre considerato tale.

Comunque puoi costruire una solution Visual Studio, studiando il makefile di xPdf, oppure puoi darti una lettura a questi due link

Creazione di un progetto makefile

Microsoft Program Maintenance Utility (NMAKE.EXE)


#3 Sent by Ramella Sergio 08-09-2011

Scusa se ti disturbo ancora.
Sono riuscito a compilare XPDF con VC 10 (2010) ed ho ottenuto i 6 eseguibili.
Ho compilato sia la versione 3.02 che la nuova 3.03 e una 3.02 modificata da google.
Consigliami quale delle 3 versioni è meglio utilizzare.
Io ho già installato anche Delphi 7, quindi se mi mandi i tuoi sorgenti, riesco a compilarli.
Per favore se il tuo programma richiede altri package esterni per la compilazione sii molto cortese di allegarli.
Penso che gli eseguibili tu li hai messi nelle RES.
Nel ringraziarti anticipatamente ti porgo i miei più cordiali saluti

Sergio Ramella

#4 Sent by Ramella Sergio 21-09-2011


Penso che voi siate occupati per cose più importanti di ottemperare alla mia richiesta dei sorgenti del programma in questione.

Penso che vi siate semplicemente dimenticati o che non sapete come farmeli avere.

Per mandarli vi indico la mia email:

Se per caso sono più grandi di quanto l'email consente, potete usare Winrar che permette di dividere il file.rar in varie parti ed inviare
una parte al giorno.

Ci sono poi altri sistemi che voi conoscete meglio di me che sono un novizio.

Nel ringraziarvi anticipatamente e in attesa di un vostro cenno, vi porgo i miei più cordiali saluti.

Sergio Ramella
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