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DefectFinder, sistema di visione per ispezione in linea


 DefectFinder is computer vision solution for high accuracy web inspection and surface inspection for textiles, nonwoven, paper...

The system comes with base configuration with 1 camera and software for standard detection like blobs, foreign objects, discontinuities. Base configuration includes management of three digital I/O from field and one line encoder.

Thanks to automatic recognition of batch cutting and download in conjunction with line encoder management, detections report uses real production batch coordinates  

Detection# Batch# Time X [m] Y [m] Size[cm2] Type Level
26 678 13:10:07 851.22 2.64 4.9 blob severe
27 678 13:14:21 1273.45 1.42 1.7 hole moderate
28 678 13:21:54 2000 NA NA end batch none
30 679 13:30:11 903.81 3.2 0.5 blob tolerable

Custom detection and management software

On Line DefectFinder

Off Line Defect Manager

DefectFinder comes with precise defect detection and classification for Hole, Blob, Wave, Occlusion, Inclusion, Turn, Burns with back light technique.

Density, texture and front light colour analysis is also available.

We are ready to develop (also on site) customised detections for maximum accuracy and specificity

Custom I/O management

Additional I/O board is available for integration and management of signals from field how many as you want.

For example you might use a defect marker, a bar code batch reader/writer and so on.

Modular Architecture

Field Of View (FOV) and Cam Height(H) are related to resolution and minimum detection size.

Select module parameters for your needs and remember that you can connect a series of modules and use the system as if it's just one.

Optical/Mechanical Characteristics

Feature Standard Value Options
Image type 256 Gray scale RGB Colour
Pixel size (Resolution) R=FOV[mm]/2048 FOV/4096, FOV/8000
FOV Aperture (H=A*FOV) A=1.22 Up to R=1.0
Line Speed V=50 [m/min] Up to 200 m/min
Min detection side S=2 * R [mm]  
Detection Type Hole, Blob, Wave, Occlusion, Inclusion, Turn, Burns Optical Density, Texture, Customized
Detection technique Back light/ transparency Front light, mixed
I/O Managed Line Encoder,Batch download, Line Start-up,Siren Product Markers, Barcode reader, Customized

Some Examples:
Standard x 1 : FOV=2750, H=3400, CAM=2048, Aperture=1.22 » detections > 2.7 x 2.7mm
Enhanced x 1 : FOV=3400, H=3400, CAM=4096, Aperture=1.0 » detections > 1.7 x 1.7mm
Standard x 2: FOV=2750, H=1700, CAM=2048, Aperture=1.22 » detections > 2.7 x 2.7mm

Software/Human Machine Interface

Feature Standard Value Options
DefectFinder Processor High performance PC Window based Rack PC, Touch Screen Monitor
DefectManager Server PC Server + MSSql Server Express Client/server on same machine
DefectManager Client Standard Desktop PC Unlimited client
Remote monitoring Available on DefectClient DefectFinder remote interface
Defect Level,classification Fuzzy levels Severe,Moderate,Tolerable Auto learning, unsupervised classifier,batch grading, trend analysis, custom reports...

Case Study



some detections on nonwoven product

Customer story

“...we have reduced customer complaints close to zero as soon as we have installed DefectFinder!

 … now we have faster control over  production issues, we can get at to root cause and we can save more product batches.

...we are thinking to instal DefectFinder on all of  ours lines.”

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